Internal Complaint Committee


• To avoid and prohibit sexual harassment at workplace.
• To enhance the self esteem and self confidence of women students, faculty and staff in the college.
• To hear and address complaints regarding sexual harassment
• To create awareness regarding women rights.
• To arrange programs regarding health, personality development etc.


• Provide a gender-sensitive and safe working environment at the iip campus.
• Ensure that victims or witnesses are not victimized or discriminated against while dealing with complaints of sexual harassment.
• Organize awareness programmes at regular intervals for sensitizing the present Regulations.
• Hold regular meetings twice in a semester even if there are no complaints


Sr.No Name of member Designation Contact no.
1 Dr. B. C. Hatapakki Chairman 9765391799
2 Mrs. D. U. Jirole Convener 9423907842
3 Mrs. M. A. Khade Member 9404247859
4 Mrs. K. S. Dhane Member 8308945325
5 Mrs. S. P. Mangle Member 9403115803
6 Mrs. D. P. Mane Member 7038288289
7 Mr. A. M. Kanavje Member secretary 8390717949
8 Mr. P. P. Mane Member 7588200533
9 Ms Vaishanavi Nalawade Fourth Y. B. Pharm 9423818255
10 Ms Pallavi Solkar Fourth Y. B. Pharm 9422501029
11 Ms. Pratiksha Charkari Third Y. B. Pharm 9405695452
12 Ms. Shrutika Jadhav Third Y. B. Pharm 9769628858
13 Ms. Rashmi Desai Third Y. B. Pharm 7769052958
14 Ms. Kasu Saja Secoand Y.B. Pharm 7057999585
15 Ms. Gauri Shevade Secoand Y.B. Pharm 9096561491
16 Ms. Neha Patankar First Y. B. Pharm 9822663168
17 Ms. Janhavi Tamore First Y. B. Pharm 9637493311


Sr.No Name of member Designation
1 Mrs. M. A. Khade Presiding officer
2 Mrs. D. U. Jirole Convener
3 Mrs. K. S. Dhane Teaching staff Member
4 Mrs. S. P. Mangle Non Teaching staff Member
5 Ms. Pallavi Solkar Student Member
6 Ms. Shrutika Jadhav Student Member
7 Ms. Kasu Saja Student Member
8 Ms. Neha Patankar Student Member
9 Ms. Sumati D. Jambhekar NGO