Research Policy

Research Policy


        Rapid growth in scientific knowledge is an indication of quest for discovery and has an impact on economic and social development. Science, technology and innovation is often initiated at the undergraduate levels and it should be nurtured. Research and developmental activities creates and disseminates new knowledge in range of fields, promotes innovation and these will motivate better learning and teaching among faculties and students. Research is the foundation of knowledge that brings new energy, builds state of the art facilities, promotes research publications, develops collaborations and becomes part of active community that shares the mission objectives. Taking these into considerations, Indira Institute of Pharmacy ResearchPolicy has been framed.

        The purpose of the Research Policy is to create a vibrant environment/culture of research amongst faculty and students of Indira Institute of Pharmacy. The policy shall serve as an overall framework within which research activities may be carried out.

        It is applicable to all faculty and students ofIndira Institute of Pharmacy.


  • To create an enabling environment within the Institute in order to foster a research culture as well as provide required support through research framework and guidelines.
  • To ensure high level of efficient and effective support system to facilitate faculty and researchers in their research activities.
  • Ensure publications in quality journals, indexed in Scopus / Web of Science and/or with impact factor.
  • To nurture an environment of undertaking socially useful research with potential for commercialization.
  • Industry collaborations and partnerships at national level.
        The implementation and updating of Research Policy shall be carried out by member secretary,Research committee, Indira Institute of Pharmacy. The Research Policy shall have a research committee to function under Principal, Indira Institute of Pharmacy to assist and advice in matters related to research within Indira Institute of Pharmacy.

1. Undertaking Research :
Faculty members and students of Indira Institute of Pharmacy are expected to undertake research, leading to quality publications, presentations in National/International conferences of repute, generation of Intellectual property with potential for commercialization, socially useful outcome and other similar research activity.

2. Obligations of faculty :
Research output will be considered as one of the criteria for faculty recruitment and promotion along with other academic responsibilities

3. Recruitment and Promotion :
Faculty members and students of Indira Institute of Pharmacy are expected to undertake research, leading to quality publications, presentations in National/International conferences of repute, generation of Intellectual property with potential for commercialization, socially useful outcome and other similar research activity.

4. Research Management :
Overall management of research activities may be coordinated by member secretary, Research committee, Indira Institute of Pharmacy under direct supervision of Principal. Research committee shall be responsible for overall functioning of research activities within the institute. Each department research activities will be coordinated by HOD of the concerned department.

5. Academic Dishonesty and Disciplinary Committee :
It is expected that each member involved in research either faculty or students will adhere to highest ethical standards of conduct such as data integrity, adhering to ethical guidelines, given from time to time for carrying out research. Each faculty member and student researcher shall follow academic honesty in his/her research work. Faculty and students shall be careful not to fall prey to academic dishonesty. A disciplinary committee, on instruction of Principal, shall be formed in order to carry out inquiry when academic dishonesty is reported against any individual/group. Suitable disciplinary action may be initiated, if found guilty, against such individual/group.

6. Resources for research support :
The Indira Institute of Pharmacy provides intramural funding through seed money based on the quality and impact of research. Institute will extend facility by supporting publication charges, where manuscripts are communicated to quality journals. Such requests will be scrutinized through a committee appointed by Principal. Member secretary, Research committee will facilitate awareness regarding potential funding. The Institute may also provide additional manpower in departments with higher research intensity and research output, depending on specific justifiable requirements while adhering to regulations of statutory agencies.Indira Institute of Pharmacy will fund Rs. 3lakhs per year for carrying out research. To avail this facility, faculty should submit their proposal in the prescribed format (Objectives, methodology, budget estimates and duration of project) to the research committee.

7. Student Research :
To enhance quality research output, student mentorship shall be facilitated to encourage undergraduate students to pursue research activities leading to tangible output

        The research carried out in institute should be of good quality adhering to highest standards of ethics. Institute of Pharmacy encourages publications in journals indexed in Scopus/Web of Science. Research committee may revise such policy as deemed necessary from time to time in future.

        Any research output, which has commercial value, will be encouraged for patent filing. The researcher need to justify the importance of commercialization and should take prior permission before applying for patent.

        Periodic review of research output shall be carried out by institution/department and provide such information to Research committee, periodically (once in an academic year) for assessment and required corrective actions, if any.

Dr. S. S. Jirge
Member Secretary
Dr. B C Hatapakki
Research committee

Members of Research committee
1. Dr. S.G. Jadhav
2. Mr. A.B. Khade
3. Mr. S.K.Nagare
4. Mrs.M.A. Khade
5. Mr. P.P. Mane

  • Indira Institute of Pharmacy encourages each and every teaching staff and student to undertake various research activities.
  • Indira Institute of Pharmacy will fund for research activities to the tune of Rs. 2 lac per year.
  • Teaching staff needs to submit their research proposal containing the objective, methodology, duration and budgetto the research committee once in beginning of an academic year.
  • Interested students can also propose their research project to the research committee and the research committee will scrutinize the researchproposal submitted by the students and will approvebest two researchproposals in a year. The budget estimates of researchproposals should not exceed Rs. 50,000.00
  • In case of the research proposal/s funded by the college, then the concerned staff / student should have to submit the completion report of research project within one year of sanction of research proposal and will have to publish/communicate minimum one research paper within two months of submission of completion report of research proposal.
  • It is the responsibility of the research students and faculty supervisors to assure the originality of their research work before presenting/ publishingin the scientific community. The research committee reserves the rights of penalizing the mal practices or plagiarized work
  • Every teaching faculty will be entitled for attending for one conference/seminar/workshop per academic year. The abstract of research paper to be presented in conference/seminar/workshopincluding the details of conference/seminar/workshop need to be submitted to research committee for the approval before registration process.
  • Every teaching faculty will be paid TA (II class sleeper) and Registration fee for attending conference/seminar/workshop; one short termcourse (1 week) and one long term program (2 weeks) such as QIP or FDP once in an academic year provided if organizer does not pay the TA/DA to the participants.
  • The research committee sanctions a total budget of Rs. 30,000/- per semester towards attending conference/seminar/workshop/short term course/long term program. The each staff is entitled to avail a maximum of Rs 3000/- towards registration and/oras TA for the same once in an academic year.
  • The students who are interested in attending and presenting their research work/ review paper in a conference/seminar/workshop at national level will have to submit their abstract including the details of conference/seminar/workshop to research committee for the approval. The research committee will reserve the right to select the proposal on the basis of merit. (e.gcontent of proposal and numbers of conference/seminar/workshop attended by the student previously) .
  • Each student will be allowed to attend a conference/seminar/workshop for every semester (those who are working under any staff on any research project), subjectto a maximum 4 students in one semester. The 4 students are entitled to claim registration fee and TA and for attending conference/seminar/workshop in one semester.
  • Students need to get approval of research committee for sending the abstract for attending conference/seminar/workshop, even in cases where students do not want to claim registration fee and TA from college.
  • Teaching staff will be paid partial travel grant and registration fee for attending the conference/seminar/workshop at abroad once in three years, subject to maximum budget 50,000.00 fortwo staff.
  • Indira Institute of Pharmacy will fund forresearch related activities to the tune of Rs. 3 lac per year in total.
  • The expertise of each department need to be displayed on institute website.
  • The faculty involved in any consultancy & services must take prior permission from the research committee of the institute.
  • The agreement mentioning the nature of the job to be undertaken, the duration of the work and the charges need to be duly signed by consultant and consultee with prior approval of the head of the institute.
  • The consultant is not allowed to take up any form of outside work-related consultancy not covered by an agreement involving the institute.
  • The faculty involved in non-work related consultancy must not use the institute name to endorse this activity without prior written approval from the research committee.
  • The research committee reserves the rights of disbursement of the revenue generated through consultancy & services among the institute and consultant.
  • The documentation of the consultancy & services must be recorded and submitted to the research committee at the completion
  • The consultant needs to ensure that the undertaken job must not hamper his/her academic responsibilities.
Dr. S. S. Jirge
Dr. B C Hatapakki
Research committee

Members of Research committee
1. Dr. S.G. Jadhav
2. Mr. A.B. Khade
3. Mr. S.K.Nagare
4. Mrs.M.A. Khade
5. Mr. P.P. Mane

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